Varun Yadav

Varun Yadav

Aspiring IT and Machine Learning Professional

Hyderabad, Telangana

+91 9160777021

Technical Skills

Programming: Python, HTML, R, Java, JavaScript

Web Development: MERN, HTML, CSS APIs

Data Science: Pandas, Scikit, and OpenCV

Version Control: Git, GitHub

Database Management: SQL and MongoDB

Others: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies GCP

Non-Technical Skills

Soft Skills: Time and Resource management, Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication

Tools: MS Excel, StarUML, PowerPoint, Figma, PowerBI

Strengths: AI tools, Prompt Engineering, Documentation, Engaging Presentation

Work Experience

Zyola Business Solutions | Business Analyst Intern
July 2023 - Present

Key responsibilities:

  • Analysis and Dashboarding of insights from research and Application testing for clients.

  • Writing python Automation sctipts for streamlining business requirements.

  • Auto Innovation Tech | Product Development Intern
    Nov 2022- Jan 2023

    Key responsibilities:

  • Heading a team of 4 in creating the product using RFID and IOT technologies

  • Working on a fuel dispenser equipment that automatically charges the customer

  • Projects

    FISHWATCH | Python, Machine Learning, CNN
    May 2023
  • This project aims to deploy a CNN model which predicts the weight of the fish in the image.

  • We have curated our own dataset by collecting images of sample weights of fishes.

  • We have compared results/performance of different CNN models such as VGG-16, ResNet-50, Inception V3 and DenseNet

  • IOT-based EV Charging Station | NodeMCU, Arduino
    Mar 2022
    Club Stack - Event Manager Website | MERN, Full Stack
    July 2022
    STOCKSHOW BIZZ | News-API, RSS, HTML, CSS, Javascript
    Nov 2021
    Linkedin Automated Connections | Automation, Python
    Nov 2023


    Azure AI-900 AI Fundamentals

    Google Associate Cloud Engineer

    Microsoft .NET Framework Using C#

    Data Structures using Python


    Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology

    BE - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

    CGPA: 8.74

    Courses: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Operating System, Software Engineering